System Integration

Separate dedicated systems for specific purposes are nice... until you realise that real usage scenarios rarely respect technical boundaries.

With suboptimal or lacking interoperability between your systems your business suffers. Manually moving information from one system to another is against the whole point of IT solutions. Your systems supposed to enhance your business instead of adding burden to it.

If a realistic and practical approach is needed to fill in the gaps and restore a healthy relationship between your operation and your applications, I can help from design to implementation.

Consultancy for IT Purchases

If you are about to purchase IT services and/or products it is important to carefully and rigorously examine your vendors and their proposals.

I'll help you to correctly identify and adequately phrase your business need and to evaluate your options to minimise your risks and maximise you ROI. I'll also help you to ensure your partners are really up to the challenges it takes to fulfil your needs and reach your goals.

As a Senior IT Consultant I know exactly where to look for and how to identify gaps, contradictions, hidden risks and lack of compliance so I can help to protect your business!

Consultancy for IT Project Proposals

If you are about to make a pitch or proposal for an IT Project, it is important to ensure your information about the subject matter is up to date, complete and free from contradictions.

I can help you to conceptualize and design solutions and document them in a way that helps your team and your customer to better understand and clearly compare the available options.

I have successfully lead competitive biddings and helped businesses to win IT projects by delivering properly organised and contradiction free proposals in a multitude of industries.

Consultancy for Technical Delivery

Whenever you find yourself in a situation, where a great business opportunity shows up and you have the required resources, but you don't know how to approach the technical side of your due diligence, discovery, design and delivery, I can help you!

As an experienced Tech Lead I have a track record of several successful projects and lasting transformation of the delivery models of businesses. I can improve your processes, handling of information, documentation, and overall consistency of the way you approach business.

Finding IT Solutions

Should you have a problem or an improvement idea for you business, I can help you to build a comprehensive list of requirements within your business domain. With that in our hands we can reliably identify available off-the-shelf products or service offers that can be used or write the specification for a custom solution with your functionality, budget or timing constrains in mind.

I have a decade+ experience in finding IT solutions in a variety of domains or use the gathered data to design custom solutions.

With my approach I'm confident we can find the very best option for your needs!

Designing and Building Custom IT Solutions

If you have a special idea I can help you to transform that into a tailor made solution for you. Designing a comprehensive domain model, finding the right platform and architecture are the challenges my mind loves to church on so I can provide you with a natural and lightweight process in which I'm turning our conversations into versatile technical specifications for you.

With lifelong background in programming I own strong, diverse technical skill-set necessary to build the designs as well.

Over the years I've already made the worst mistakes so I know exactly the pitfalls to watch & avoid.

Web Projects

Webpages, web-shops, web-applications... You name it!

I'm constantly engaged with digital agencies in order to bring consultancy and expertise to their projects, help them properly discover customers' needs, and deliver solutions to fulfil those. I'm also happy to be involved with more generic web projects in cooperation with designers, who are passionate about crafting the visual appeal and UX on the web, but may need a partner to execute their ideas in a technically adequate way.

As a developer I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and write the required code myself.

Yours faithfully,
Bence Szalai (